State Rep. Charlie Brown’s initiative to combat drug abuse advances to the Indiana Senate

February 21, 2017 Charlie Brown

For immediate release:
Feb. 21, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House members passed legislation today that is co-authored by State Representative Charlie Brown (D-Gary) that seeks to appoint two members to the Commission to Combat Drug Abuse.

House Bill 1654 specifies that the two members added must be the vice chairman appointed by the governor and the executive director of the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

The Commission to Combat Drug Abuse consists of 20 members, some of which are various judges and legislative members, as well as the director of the Department of Child Services, and the superintendents of Public Instruction and the State Police Department.

This commission also includes the executive directors of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, and the Professional Licensing Agency.

The Public Defender Council of Indiana and the secretary of Family and Social Services, the State Health Commissioner, and Department of Correction are also members of this commission.

Under this legislation, members are not eligible for a salary but are eligible for mileage expenses that are reimbursed at $0.38 per mile.

In addition, travel expenses may be reimbursed by the Criminal Justice Institute.

House Bill 1654 passed the Indiana House 96 to 0 and will now move to the Senate for further review.