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Rep. Shelli VanDenburgh's Biography

State Representative Shelli VanDenburgh is a lifelong resident of Indiana House District 19 and is the third generation of her family to call the district home. She currently resides in Crown Point with her husband, Tim, a steelworker; and her two children, R.J. and Bailey.

Shelli worked as the Director of Child Support for the Lake County Clerk's Office. During her 18 years in that division, she not only familiarized herself with the state child support laws, but also obtained knowledge of the state welfare system and the many issues that face both recipients and taxpayers. Furthermore, her understanding of the many different levels of government in Lake County drove her to run for Center Township Board in 2006—a position she won as the first Democrat and the first woman on the board.

In July 2007, she was appointed to the Indiana General Assembly. After her first legislative session with the General Assembly, it became clear that she would need to leave her full–time job in order to represent the people of House District 19 the way she felt they deserved. Shelli resigned from the Lake County Clerk’s office in May 2008.

The knowledge that she has obtained at three levels of Indiana government has proved to be a great asset in the General Assembly. In addition to her legislative responsibilities, Shelli is an active member of the following organizations:

  • Lake County Democrat Women’s Caucus
  • POWER (the bipartisan Indiana General Assembly Women’s Caucus)
  • Indiana Federation of Business and Professional Women

  • Indiana State Director to Women in Government (a national organization of female legislators)

  • Council of State Governments — Midwestern Legislative Conference Economic Development Committee