Rep. Robin Shackleford’s efforts to improve traffic amnesty program advances

February 21, 2017 Robin Shackleford

For immediate release:
Feb. 21, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – Members of the Indiana House unanimously passed State Representative Robin Shackleford’s (D-Indianapolis) legislation to create a study committee to examine the traffic amnesty program.

House Bill 1268 focuses on studying the traffic amnesty program, which allows a reduction in the amount paid or owed for drivers who have unpaid fees or are required to pay a driver’s license reinstatement fee.

It also creates a process for a petition for this program and the requirements the courts must meet to grant a petition for traffic amnesty.

“This is simple legislation that proposes a study committee to review why 1 out of 10 Hoosiers have a suspended license in Indiana,” said Shackleford. “Many drivers are struggling with the backed up fees and are unable to pay them in order to legally drive. I believe working with a traffic amnesty program will greatly help Hoosiers who have suspended licenses.”

House Bill 1286 was passed unanimously by the House Committee on Courts and Criminal Code.

This legislation also passed the Indiana House 96 to 0. It will now move to the Senate for further review.