Job numbers continue to provide no relief for middle class

August 19, 2013 Scott Pelath

For immediate release:
Aug. 19, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath from Michigan City today issued the following statement about the new jobless numbers issued by the state:

“The latest jobs report offers no solace for Indiana’s middle class. For those trying to get into the middle class, it provides even more cause for despair.

“We aren’t just moving forward on the wrong economic track. We are sitting on the wrong track.

“Our job climate is stagnant…and we cannot keep blaming the President or any other favorite bogeyman for our own mistakes.

“Successful local businesses and new job opportunities require consumer spending. Consumers need paychecks and relief from the threat of rising medical expenses, the costs of job training, and the continual efforts to depress wages.

“We need a new approach that focuses on our middle class profit creators, and not just on investors who pocket money without creating new opportunities for others.”