2017 Indiana House Democratic Internship Program

The Indiana House Democratic Internship Program is an excellent opportunity to acquire hands-on experience with the legislative process. Interns will work full-time with state representatives and legislative staff during the legislative session in Indianapolis.

The video above was filmed and edited by Jordan Moody, a 2016 House Democratic intern.
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“Having previous experience with government greatly helped me in securing an internship with the State Department in Washington, D.C.”
Mary Ankenbruck
Master’s degree candidate studying European Relations;
Member of the 2013 Internship Class


“This internship gave me great insight into state level politics. Having an inside view on how the process works is an opportunity that should not be taken for granted.”
– Ose Agho
Project Consultant at Thomas P. Miller and Associates;
Member of the 2014 Internship Class


“If you’re passionate about equality and have a zealous need to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, this internship is for you.”
– Pete Weldy
Director of Policy and Research for the Indiana Department of Education;
Member of the 2013 Internship Class

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Types of Internships Available

Legislative & Constituent Services

Assist state representatives and their legislative staff with daily tasks.

Facilitate correspondence between state agencies, constituents and representatives to resolve issues.

Research and respond to legislative questions posed by legislators and constituents.

Track bills through the legislative process.

May assist policy staff by covering committees and preparing reports.

Indiana Black Legislative Caucus

Perform all the duties of a Legislative & Constituent Services intern (see description above).

Assist with event planning and staffing for events that the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus hosts.

Assist with Indiana Black Legislative Caucus meetings, including taking detailed notes and preparing minutes for future meetings.

Policy Analyst

Research, track and analyze amendments and bills.

Staff legislative committees and prepare committee reports for legislators.

Search for existing language in the Indiana Code.

Assist staff and legislators with legislative and fiscal inquiries.

Media Relations

Write news releases, statements and guest columns.

Assist with content for legislators’ websites.

Monitor news coverage of Indiana State Legislature.

Record radio feeds for distribution.

Assist in coordinating press conferences and media availabilities for legislators.

Ways & Means Fiscal Analyst

Create and maintain Ways & Means Committee bill tracking database.

Prepare summaries of Ways & Means Committee action.

Monitor tax-and finance-related bills assigned to committees other than the Ways & Means Committee.

Assist the Ways & Means Fiscal Staff with the interpretation and analysis of committee and second reading floor amendments.

Video Production

Assist in the production and editing of video segments for an internet audience.

Record legislative proceedings on the House Chamber floor, news conferences and other events at the Statehouse.

Assist with social media content, website updates and streaming video.

Additional skills that are not required but may be utilized include IT troubleshooting and digital photography.

Click here for more information regarding the video production position.

What to Expect

Time Commitment

The internship is a full-time job. Interns typically work 7.5 hours a day between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Working over 7.5 hours in a day will not garner overtime pay. Some days require interns to stay later. Usually, interns will have prior notice for those days. Interns are not eligible for vacation or paid sick days off work.

Orientation begins in late December or early January. The 2017 internship will last through April 2017.

Where to Live

It is recommended that interns relocate to the Indianapolis area if accepted into the internship program. There are plenty of housing opportunities around the downtown area, and many places are willing to negotiate short-term leases. Some also offer student or government employee discounts. As an intern you will also be provided 24/7 downtown parking.

Academic credit/classes

Academic credit for the internship is determined by the school the intern attends. Students interested in participating in the internship should consult their academic advisor with questions regarding academic credit. Interns are able to take classes during their internship. However, school schedules should not interfere with the internship.

Interns who need to take classes during the internship are encouraged to take online courses or participate in the 300-level political science class that is offered here at the Indiana Statehouse. This 3-credit-hour course is specifically designed for students who participate in an internship with the Indiana General Assembly.

It is not recommended that you take more than one course during the internship and any courses taken cannot occur during normal business hours.


The Indiana House Democratic Interns are paid $700 bi-weekly and have the ability to earn academic credit for completing the internship. One student from the intern class will also be selected to receive a $300 scholarship sponsored by Verizon Communications Inc.

Before You Apply...

The application period for the 2017 legislative session has expired. Our next application cycle will be available in August of 2017.


If you have questions about the House Democratic internship program, please contact:

Alexus Tucker
Internship Director
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-5248