Initiative to create better training for law enforcement advanced by State Rep. Linda Lawson

February 20, 2017 Linda Lawson

For immediate release:
Feb. 20, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – Members of the Indiana House unanimously passed legislation today co-authored by Linda Lawson (D-Hammond) that examine ways to improve law enforcement training procedures.

House Bill 1535 creates a study committee that will focus on possible new sources of funding for new and existing law enforcement academies and officer training.

This study committee also will be in charge of finding possible locations for new or relocated law enforcement academies.

They will be responsible for repurposing of existing facilities for use of these academies as well as leasing of existing facilities.

This bill also inquires about feasibility and utility of using state educational institutions or postsecondary institutions to conduct or provide law enforcement training programs.

In addition, House Bill 1535 focuses on the modernization and revision of law enforcement officer training curriculums.

“I retired from the police department 17 years ago and the training and equipment needed has changed drastically,” said Lawson. “We must do our part and put in the time to train these officers on sensitive issues, such race and gender. Our community, state, and society changes, so our police departments should do the same.”

This legislation passed through the Indiana House 96 to 0 and will now move to the Senate for further consideration.