IBLC issues statement on recent violence against children, calls for legislative action

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) today issued the following statement:

“The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus condemns the death and the beating of our most helpless and innocent, the babies in our communities.

“The senseless shooting at a house in Indianapolis recently claimed the life of a one-year-old girl named Malaysia. There are too many firearms in our neighborhoods. In particular, too many young people illegally possess guns and oftentimes insignificant arguments are resolved by deadly gunfire. In this case, several shots were fired into a home and this innocent, infant girl died by one of the stray bullets. We must come together as a community to stop this tragic violence.

“The severe beating of one-year-old Jesse at an Indianapolis daycare facility is also shocking. The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) shut down this particular location, but the owner has other daycare facilities open around the city. These other daycares remain open because FSSA reports that the facilities are in good standing and free to operate. This particular company has had violations in the past at various properties, but records indicate the problems were addressed. Nevertheless, there remains a question for the Indiana General Assembly about the policies affecting daycare center companies that have had child abuse issues.

“Indiana lawmakers must address the issue of illegal possession and use of firearms, which take the lives of so many innocent people, like Malaysia, and we must also address the issue of how to ensure we prevent another child, like Jesse, from ever being abused again at a daycare center.

“Protection of children must be a priority for the Indiana General Assembly. Our state has no greater treasure than our young people and their safety must be our priority.”