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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain contact information for Indiana's state agencies?

Where can I report suspected child abuse or neglect?

Can I renew my vehicle's license plate online?

Where is the nearest BMV license branch?

Is an online version of the Indiana Driver's Manual available?

Where can I obtain information about my Social Security benefits or claims?

What if I have a question about Medicare health insurance coverage?

Where can I get information about the "Healthy Indiana" plan?

What are the qualification requirements for the Hoosier Rx prescription drug assistance program?

Does my family qualify for nutritional assistance?

Do I qualify for Medicaid, Medicare or any other type of health care assistance?

Does the State of Indiana provide assistance in securing child support payments?

How do I register to vote if I live in Indiana?

What should I do if a business or employer is not following appropriate safety or labor laws?

What should I do if I have been the victim of discrimination?

Of course, we cannot anticipate every question—and some issues or inquiries are highly individualized. If you need to contact me, please visit my contact page.


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