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State Rep. Clyde Kersey's effort to amend outdated law successful in Indiana House

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Feb. 19, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - In an effort to keep Indiana laws updated and relevant, Rep. Clyde Kersey (D-Terre Haute) coauthored legislation for the locomotive industry that was adopted by the Indiana House of Representatives today.

The proposal removes the legal requirement that locomotives need a working bell to ring at all crossings, even if they already have a working whistle. Under current law, locomotives must break at every crossing if the bell is not working—a process that takes about twenty minutes.

According to Kersey, removing the legal obligation of a working bell will make railroad operations more efficient.

“Having a working bell is unnecessary when trains use their whistle anyway,” he said. “It’s time consuming for trains to have to stop at every crossing, which prevents the locomotives from working efficiently. “It’s an old law,” he added. “This bill simply changes the legal language to keep railroad institutions from being tied down to outdated requirements.”

House Bill 1310 received support from locomotive companies, who claim this legislation would allow them to run more smoothly. It was also a bipartisan effort with Rep. Thomas Saunders (R-Lewisville), and passed through the House with a 96-0 vote. It now advances to the Senate for additional consideration.

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