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Riecken's emergency lifesaving procedures bill endorsed by Indiana House

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For immediate release:
Jan. 28, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - Today the Indiana House of Representatives passed a bill coauthored by Rep. Gail Riecken (D-Evansville) that grants trained individuals the right to perform certain lifesaving procedures in emergency situations.

House Bill 1111 passed through the House with a 97-0 vote and will now proceed to the Indiana Senate for further consideration.

The proposal gives legal authority to trained SWAT personnel to provide certain lifesaving techniques in austere and violent emergency situations.

“We want to pass this bill as soon as possible to protect Hoosiers in special emergency situations,” said Riecken. “Sometimes people are in need of medical help but are in unsafe environments where police or other professionals cannot enter. This legislation allows certain trained individuals in law enforcement the legal ability to help.”

The advanced life support procedures that SWAT personnel would be able to perform would depend on the protocol of the local medical director.

According to Riecken, local law enforcement took the leadership in suggesting this bill and offering expert testimony.

“This will improve public safety,” she said. “We’re working to make Indiana a safer place.”

House Bill 1111 was authored by Rep. Wendy McNamara (R-Mount Vernon).

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