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Riecken says a moped licensing bill has moved closer to approval in House

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For immediate release:
Feb. 18, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - After years of negotiations, lawmakers appear close to finalizing legislation to cover the licensing and operation of mopeds in Indiana, according to State Rep. Gail Riecken (D-Evansville).

Members of the House Roads & Transportation Committee today approved House Bill (HB) 1523, a measure coauthored by Riecken that sets up a system to register mopeds.

“More people are using mopeds for regular transportation these days and HB 1523 is designed to make sure they follow the same rules as other drivers on our roads and streets,” Riecken said.

She credited both officials in the Evansville Police Department and representatives of area neighborhood associations for taking an active role in advocating for HB 1523.

“People in law enforcement have told me that these vehicles have become an alluring target for criminals, and one of the reasons why is that there is no way to track ownership of mopeds, as there is for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles,” Riecken noted.

“By creating a system for registering these vehicles, we will have a better grasp on the numbers of mopeds we actually have in the state of Indiana, and we will be better equipped to track them if they are stolen,” she added.

“Officials from neighborhood groups became interested in this legislation because mopeds are commonly used for short trips to places like the grocery store,” Riecken said. “Because they are used so frequently, it makes sense to regulate their use on the roads, just like any other vehicle.”

In addition, the legislation specifies that drivers only will be able to operate mopeds in right-hand lanes of traffic, except under specified conditions, such as making a left-hand turn.

HB 1523 now moves to the full House for consideration. Primary author of the proposal is State Rep. Milo Smith (R-Columbus).

“We have been working on legislation regulating the use of mopeds for several years now, and I believe this bipartisan proposal offers the best means for fair and safe regulation and use of these vehicles on Indiana’s roads,” Riecken concluded.

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