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Republican majority unfairly targets Lake County, says Representative Charlie Brown

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For immediate release:
April 23, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - State Representative Charlie Brown (D-Gary) and other members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) joined forces this week to speak out against legislation aimed at Calumet Township in Lake County.

The focus of their dissatisfaction was House Bill 1585, which limits spending in Calumet Township and provides a pathway for the town of Griffith to leave the township if spending continues.

Brown said the bill is unfair for targeting only one township.

“In my 31 years here in the Indiana State Legislature, there has always been bias toward Lake County by this body,” Brown said. “Of all of the township trustees I think there may be one other one of color. Why is so much attention being given to this particular township? Why are these very, very strange rules spelled out for this one?

“There are a lot of political and racial implications behind this legislation,” he added. “I hope we can move past the Republican power grabs we have seen this session and focus on the issues that affect all Hoosiers, like health care and job creation.”

During their news conference, the IBLC urged the governor to veto House Bill 1585.

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