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Representative Greg Porter's antibullying bill awaits governor's signature

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For immediate release:
April 18, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - Antibullying measures brought forth by Rep. Greg Porter (D-Indianapolis) cleared the Indiana General Assembly today and now advances to the governor’s desk for final approval.

House Bill 1423 sets up guidelines and training for teachers about bullying, and requires them to report signs of bullying to school administrators. Administrators also must report incidents to the parents of both the victim and the potential bully as a non-punitive way to prevent additional bullying.

“Bullying is often difficult for school teachers and administrators to spot,” Porter explained. “Social media especially makes bullying harder to recognize. The purpose of this legislation is to help train teachers to look for the early signs of bullying so they can put a halt to that behavior before it gets worse.

“Teachers are put in a difficult situation when they have the responsibility to stop bullying, but do not always know how to recognize it,” he added. “House Bill 1423 seeks to aid teachers by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to perform their duties.

“I am pleased to see these measures passed with such strong bipartisan support. Bullying clearly is a universal issue that everyone can agree needs to be addressed,” he concluded.

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