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Pelath on latest Board of Ed power-grab: "How does this help our children?"

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For immediate release:
July 9, 2014


INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath from Michigan City issued the following statement on today’s State Board of Education meeting, where board members are expected to make another effort to strip power from state Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz in setting meeting agendas, resolving disputes, and doing her job:

“And so, once again, instead of working on issues that help improve the quality of education in the state of Indiana, our appointed state board of education shows it is more interested in trying to show our superintendent of public instruction that she is not in charge of education policy, the role that the people of Indiana elected her to perform.

“It is truly getting beyond tiresome to see the monthly power grabs by these appointees. Every few weeks, we see these folks—abetted in their pointless schemes by the highly-paid bureaucrats from the truly superfluous Center for Education and Career Innovation—attach themselves to some new self-created outrage…most of which involve the superintendent trying to do her job.

“This nonsense must stop...but it won’t. The board will continue to pick away and pick away until there is no way for Hoosiers to have a say in the way their children are educated.

“And that is the true crime here. Rather than actually help our children get better, their needs continue to get shoved aside to satisfy the egos of a few in their lust for power and social experimentation.

“Shame on them for what they are about to do...again.”

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