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Moed unveils 2013 legislative agenda aimed at strengthening neighborhoods

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For immediate release:
Jan. 4, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS — State Rep. Justin Moed (D-Indianapolis) today unveiled a 2013 legislative agenda designed to begin addressing our most serious concerns—such as creating jobs, fighting crime, tackling the abandoned housing crisis and improving the quality of our schools—at the neighborhood level.

“From the start, I have always believed that we begin the job of building Indiana at the most basic level: in the homes and streets where we live and work every day,” Moed said. “As I begin my first session as 97th District state representative, my agenda will reflect the concerns expressed to me by the thousands of people I have met over the last few months.

“I identify this agenda as 'A Plan for Our Neighborhoods' and it includes everything from a comprehensive proposal to address abandoned housing to putting Hoosiers first in creating and retaining jobs to committing to helping our best and brightest students,” he continued.

'A Plan for Our Neighborhoods' includes the following proposals:


“This is a complex problem, and in my discussions with fellow lawmakers, it has been interesting to see abandoned housing is a problem in urban and rural areas across this state,” Moed said. “I believe a good place to start is affording better opportunities to re-develop abandoned properties and hold negligent landlords accountable.”

Moed will seek to create a Neighborhood Revitalization Fund that will offer low-interest loans to renovate abandoned homes and a Negligent Landlord Registry to help city officials and law enforcement identify troublesome rental properties and ensure that work is done to improve those areas.


“I intend to offer two bills this session to get Hoosiers back to work and focus on a sector of our economy that has been neglected at the state level for far too long: Indiana’s small businesses,” Moed said. “I will call for expanding access to low interest loans for small businesses so they can get the funding and resources needed to grow and establishing a tax credit for small businesses that hire veterans and unemployed Hoosiers.”


“I am working on legislation that will allow only people who work in the automotive and construction industries to bring in items like HVAC copper coils and catalytic converters to be scrapped,” Moed said. “This is an important step forward in deterring people from stealing these metals from our homes and cars. I also intend to ask that we require anyone who attempts to scrap an entire car to provide proof of ownership in the car, such as a title.”


“If we are to be committed to improving the quality of education across Indiana, then we must be committed to doing something to encourage our best students to stay within our state and use their skills to help others,” Moed said. “I intend to propose a Teacher Academy that offers loan forgiveness for high school students in the top 10 percent of their classes if they commit to teaching in struggling Indiana schools for five years.”

In announcing his plan, Moed said he was committed to working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in seeing the proposals passed into law.

“These are the concerns expressed to me by the people I represent in the Indiana House,” Moed said. “I believe similar concerns have been expressed to my fellow lawmakers, no matter which party they are in. I have made clear my commitment toward finding a new way in conducting politics in our state and building positive relationships with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

“I am willing to work with anyone—Republicans, Democrats, anyone—to see these proposals become law, because they will help improve our lives and neighborhoods throughout Indiana,” he concluded.

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