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Many property tax appeals simplified under Errington-sponsored measure

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For immediate release:
April 11, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - State Representative Sue Errington (D-Muncie) has responded to her constituents’ concerns by helping deliver to the governor’s desk legislation that simplifies the property tax appeals process for many property owners.

Under current law, property owners who feel their assessments are too high must appeal to the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA) and carry the burden of proof.

According to Errington, Senate Enrolled Act 152 changes the process for the following and subsequent years.

“If the property owner is successful, but receives the higher assessment again the next year, the assessor has the burden of proving that the assessment is correct,” she explained. “This bill relieves people of the burden of proving unfair property tax assessments year in and year out.

“This legislation came about because citizens of Delaware County spoke out to their legislators,” she added. “It will relieve the frustration of many property owners in my Muncie district, and all throughout Indiana.

“I’m proud to serve my constituents and help solve real problems that Hoosiers are having,” she concluded.

Senate Enrolled Act 152—authored by Sen. Doug Eckerty (R-Yorktown), sponsored by Rep. Bill Davis (R-Portland) and cosponsored by Errington—passed through the House unanimously.

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