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Indiana State Budget Committee releases money for remediation, Purdue

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For immediate release:
May 30, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana State Budget Committee gave its approval for nearly $7.5 million for Purdue University projects during the committee’s May 29 meeting in Indianapolis, according to State Rep. Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette), who serves on the committee.

The approved expenditures will be for the leasing of space at the new Wishard Hospital; the renewal of leased space inside the Ross Enterprise Center in the Purdue Research Park; an electrical upgrade of Stewart Center; and the replacement of much of the Hansen Hall roof.

“The lease agreements and repair of existing structures are crucial to maintaining the numerous, quality programs at Purdue,” said Klinker. “It is essential that the university retain its presence in learning environments, like Wishard Hospital. Likewise, the upkeep of buildings on campus are necessary for the safety of students and staff as well as for preventing damage to those structures. I am pleased my fellow legislators on the State Budget Committee are committed to interactive learning environments and preventive maintenance on university buildings.”

The state budget committee members approved $3,266,185 for the 10-year lease of space in the new Wishard Hospital now under construction in Indianapolis. It replaces the current space used by the Department of Pharmacy Practice in the old Wishard Hospital. Purdue provides clinical educational experience for students as well as offers professional advisory and other services to the hospital. Under the lease agreement, Wishard will reimburse Purdue for a portion of the cost of compensation for the faculty and staff who assist the hospital.

Also approved was the renewal of a lease for space at the Ross Enterprise Center in the Purdue Research Park. The space is used by the Office of Information Technology staff for the development and implementation of the system-wide modernization and integration of the university’s administrative data systems. The cost is $2,133,900.

In addition, the committee agreed to the replacement of obsolete electrical equipment inside Stewart Center at a cost of $1,212,011. Replacement of a large portion of the Hansen Hall roof was also approved at a cost of $850,000.

As a review item, remediation and preventive remediation funding, which is in the state budget, was approved to be released.

Klinker expressed concern about the remediation dollars earmarked as a matching grant for schools. This year the state will spend $45 million for the testing of students, but only $3 million for the remediation of students who do poorly on those tests.

“The remediation funding is inadequate,” said Klinker. “Those of us who are educators know the cost of helping those students is much higher than the state is willing to provide at this time. This means the school districts must come up with funding they don’t have. In addition, the small amount of remediation grant money offered by the state is actually a matching grant, so the districts must find the dollars to meet the grant amount. It is a very difficult time for public schools in Indiana. The state needs to do more for our students and our schools.”

Klinker said the remediation and preventive remediation distribution will be made in June and will total $3,000,030.67 for school corporations and charter schools. There is a three-tier system based on student test results. Per pupil funding at Tier One, for students who need the most remediation, is $16.61. Tier Two is $8.30. And Tier Three is $4.15. The distribution is based on the spring 2012 ISTEP-Plus results.

The total matching grant for the Lafayette School Corporation is $21,892.35. Tippecanoe School Corporation will be eligible for $27,252.14. And West Lafayette Community School Corporation’s total amount is $1,037.85.

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