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Bill to assist military veterans with EMT training endorsed by the Indiana House

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For immediate release:
Feb. 11, 2013


INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana House of Representatives today passed a bill authored by freshmen Reps. Dan Forestal (D-Indianapolis) and Justin Moed (D-Indianapolis) that will make it easier for Hoosier veterans trained as EMTs and paramedics to use those skills when they return from service.

Their proposal (House Bill 1486) allows Emergency Medical Services (EMS) commissioners to develop rules to expedite procedures to certify veterans. Under current law, military versions of certifications are not valid in the state of Indiana.

“We’re making sure the state accepts the military versions of these certifications,” said Forestal. “This is about safety in our communities and improving the lives of the people who have served our country so they can get back to doing what they love.”

“Many veterans are having problems finding employment when they return from service, and this bill will help them get jobs,” added Moed. “And since they won’t have to go through full training all over again, it helps avoid certification costs as well.”

In a Republican supermajority House, these two freshman Democrats successfully passed the legislation with strong bipartisan support.

“Rep. Moed and I couldn’t be more pleased to pass this bill in our first session,” said Forestal.

Members of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, the Profession Fire Fighters’ Union of Indiana, and the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police came forward to voice their support of this legislation. House Bill 1486 passed through the Indiana House Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs & Public Safety as well as the full House without objection.

The final vote on HB 1486 was 96-0 and the bill will now move on to the Senate for further possible legislative action.

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